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Environments and Sustainability

International Conference on Science, Technology and Health Innovation for Sustainable Development


participants_dotc.jpgSome Participants at the Conference. Photo credit: S. Gyasi


Prof. Samuel Fosu Gyasi, an Associate Professor in Microbiology and Global/Environmental Health and the Dean, School of Sciences at the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) organized the inaugural “International Conference on Science, Technology, Health Innovation for Sustainable Development” for the school. This groundbreaking conference served as an invaluable academic platform for distinguished researchers, industry experts, scholars, and students from various institutions to showcase their latest cutting-edge research findings in their respective fields.

Under the theme, "Advancing Sustainable Futures through Science, Technology, and Health Innovations: The Role of African Scientists," the conference featured a rich tapestry of plenary sessions, breakout sessions, and poster presentations. Eminent keynote speakers shared their knowledge and ideas, encouraging researchers and research institutions to engage in groundbreaking, applied, and relevant research that can drive the nation's development. This two-day conference, which took place from Wednesday, August 23rd to Thursday, August 24th, 2023, drew over 400 participants (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria etc.) both in-person and online.

Prof. Gyasi, the Chairman of the LOC highlighted the conference's mission to inspire the next generation of African scientists and innovators to devise inventive solutions for the continent's challenges. He underscored the importance of bringing together scientists, researchers, and experts with diverse skill sets to foster collaboration, leverage collective expertise, and generate innovative ideas that can shape a sustainable future across Africa.



Prof. Samuel Fosu Gyasi 

Prof. Gyasi also emphasized that the conference would focus on identifying how science, technology, and health innovation could play a pivotal role in addressing global challenges, including climate change, public health crises, resource scarcity, and socio-economic development.



Professor Akbar Saeed, Associate Professor of Information Systems at Wilfrid Laurier University


In his keynote address, Professor Akbar Saeed, an Associate Professor of Information Systems at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada (a fellow of Tshepo), encouraged students to seek solutions to Africa's unique challenges. He emphasized that some Western-world innovations might not be suitable for addressing African issues, highlighting the need to build capacity for realistic, homegrown innovations. Prof. Saeed urged young innovators to continually create and engage a broader range of stakeholders to achieve impactful outcomes.          



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