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Child Protection in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Development in Ghana (2015-2017)

Research Lead: Bree Akesson (PI), Magnus Mfoafo-McCarthy (CI)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Akesson, B. and M. Mfoafo-M’Carthy, M. (Under Review). A Process Evaluation of an International University Partnership to Strengthen the Child Protection System in Ghana. Revised and Resubmitted to Social Change and Child Protection in Ghana: Concepts, Theories, and Empirical Discourses.

The Education and Labour Market Transitions of African Youth (2015)

Research Lead: Wilson-Forsberg, Masakure, Kimani-Dupuis, Oba, Gyan

Peer Reviewed Publications

Wilson-Forsberg, S., Masakure, O., and Kimani-Dupuis, R. “Weathering the Storm: African Mothers with Refugee Backgrounds Assisting their Children with School Work during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic,” Under Review Refuge.

Conference (SSHRC Connections Grant)

The Role of African Ethnic Associations in Preparing their Youth for the Future (Co-organized with Dr. Oliver Masakure) April 28-29, 2022.

Abstracts and/or Papers Read

Wilson-Forsberg. Panel: Refugee Parents’ Engagement with Education. 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Luxembourg 7-9 July, 2021. (Remote)

Invited Talks

(Invited). S. Wilson-Forsberg and O. Masakure, “The School and Labour Market Transitions of African Immigrant and Refugee Youth” Laurier-Milton Public Lecture Series December 8, 2021.

(Invited).  S. Wilson-Forsberg and O. Masakure, “Empowering Refugee Youth to be the Best they can be: The Role of Community Organizations” WUSC Global & Refugee Education Event, WLU Brantford Campus December 1, 2021.

(Invited). S. Wilson-Forsberg, “Managing Migration in Times of Crisis: A One-hour Interview with Stacey Wilson-Forsberg” Association of Canadian Studies, November 29, 2021

Assessment of host-country perspectives on key impacts of reciprocal bidirectional North-South student mobility arrangements (2020)

Research Lead: R. Ame (PI)

Collaborators: S. Wilson-Forsberg, A. Robinson, J. Sefe Dzisah 

“Race, gender, sexuality and student security: The School Resource Officer (SRO) program in Canada” (2021)

Research Lead: Temitope Orioloa (PI)

“Achieving Ubuntu: Reframing equity, partnership and social change” (2021-2022)

Research Lead: Temitope Orioloa (PI)

History of Prisons and Detentions in Africa (2021)

Research Lead: K. Bruce-Lockhart


Bruce-Lockhar, K. Carceral Afterlives: Prisons, Detention, and Punishment in Postcolonial Uganda. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2022 (coming out June 2022

Peer Reviewed Articles

Bruce-Lockhart, K. Prisoner releases in postcolonial Uganda: power, politics, and the public.” Incarceration: An international journal of imprisonment, detention and coercive confinement 3:1 (2022): 1-20.

Conference/Seminar Presentations

Bruce-Lockhart, K. The Persistence of The Prison: Historical Perspectives on Decolonization and Prison Abolition on the African Continent,” African Studies Association Annual Meeting, 2021 (Virtual), November 20th, 2021

Bruce-Lockhart, K. “Prisoner Releases in Postcolonial Uganda: Power, Politics, and the Public.” Warwick Seminar on the Global History of Africa

Fostering Equitable Education Systems for those with Disabilities: A Canada-Ghana Partnership for addressing Indicators of Inclusive Education and Building Training Networks (2019-2023)

Research Lead: Magnus Mfoafo-McCarthy (PI), Jeff Grischow (CI)

Peer Reviewed Articles

Grischow, Jeff ; Naami, Augustina ; Mprah, Wisdom ; Mfoafo-M’Carthy, Magnus. Methodologically Thinking: Doing Disability Research in Ghanaian Cultural Communities

Scandinavian journal of disability research : SJDR, 2021-07-02, Vol.23 (1), p.169-179

Maoson, Festus Yaw & Mfoafo-MCarthy, Magnus. The power of the tongue: Inherent labeling of persons with disabilities in proverbs of the Akan people of Ghana. Qualitative social work : QSW : research and practice, 2021-07, Vol.20 (4), p.911-927

Mfoafo-M’Carthy, M., J. D. Grischow. Hope deferred…”: meeting the challenges of stigma toward Ghanaians diagnosed with mental illness

Social Work in Mental Health, March 2022, Volume20(Issue2)Pages, p.184To - 202

See Also:

Mfoafo-M’Carthy, M. (2020). “Mama! I Hear your Silence: Grief and COVID-19 on the Global North and South Disparity.” Qualitative Social Work, 20(1-2),


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