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Books, Chapters and Articles

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Chapters by Tshepo Fellows:
Introduction: M. Raymond Izarali, Oliver Masakure, and Bonny Ibhawoh “Conceptualizing Human Rights Issues in Africa”
Chapter 2: Thomas Rose “Human Rights in Africa: The African Criminal Court”
Chapter 3: Oliver Masakure “Structural Inequalities, Exclusion and Minorities in Africa”
Chapter 4: Olabanji Akinola “Old-Age Poverty, Human Rights, and Social Protection for the Elderly in Nigeria”
Chapter 5: Lamine Diallo and Ousmane Aly Diallo “Youth Movements: Emerging Actors of the Struggles for Civil and Political Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Chapter 7: Jeff Grishchow “The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Historical Antecedents and Implications for Disability Rights and Socioeconomic Development in Africa”
Chapter 9: Sylvester Amara Lamin “Disability Rights are Human Rights: A Situational Analysis of Persons with Disabilities in Sierra Leone”
Chapter 10: Consoler Teboh “Mental Health Inequities in Africa: A Human Rights Perspective”
Chapter 12: Andrea Brown Women’s Rights, Food Entitlements, and Governance in Urban Uganda
Chapter 14:M. Raymond IzaraliTowards an Inclusive Approach to Human Rights Enjoyment and Protection in Africa in an Age of Globalization

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