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CRSP is devoted to discussing research practices and experiences, sharing research findings, and cultivating relationships with multiple, diverse audiences. We host a range of events such as presentations, round tables, workshops, and conferences that provide opportunities for the exchange and co-creation of knowledge among presenters and attendees. While some events are directed toward scholarly audiences, others are primarily oriented to those working outside academia.

A core objective at CRSP is to put actionable information and knowledge into the hands of practitioners, policy makers, and advocates for social change. To achieve this, CRSP hosts community-focused research workshops, symposia, and roundtables. For example, CRSP members have hosted events to exchange knowledge with representatives from various social services, non-profit organizations, police services, and members of the local Brantford community.

We have two recurring talk series: Stories from the Field and Exploring Communication Holistically and Generating Engagement (Exchange).  In our Stories from the Field series researchers discuss experiences collecting data in diverse contexts. This series aims to take audiences behind the scenes so they can hear about some of the challenges and dilemmas that may be encountered in field work and, of equal importance, how these are addressed. Our Exchange series focuses on how research findings can be shared across a range of media (e.g., podcasts, blogs, graphic novels, art). The Centre also regularly hosts a series of research oriented events.

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Carrie Sanders, Director

Bree Akesson, Associate Director

Toyin Kareem, Project Coordinator

T: 519.756.8228 x5376