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As a university-wide research centre, the Centre for Leading Research in Education (CLRiE) seeks to make meaningful connections between researchers and the general public by sharing our members’ research findings in a way that is accessible, understandable and meaningful to all users. 

Here, visitors will find engaging resources that align with any of the CLRiE’s seven research focus areas or, as we like to call them, “vines”: 

  • Lifespan, Living, and Learning 
  • Internationalization and Education 
  • Wellness and Education 
  • Cognitive Processes, Curriculum, and Pedagogical Development 
  • Teaching and Learning in a Digital World 
  • Indigenous Ways of Education 
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

These resources are based on current, up-to-date research conducted by our members and include best practices for supporting learners. Explore a wide array of journal articles, books, digital resources, podcasts, and other publications to expand your horizons. 

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