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About the Centre for Leading Research in Education

The Centre for Leading Research in Education (CLRiE) is a university research centre with a multidisciplinary focus examining aspects of education that interface with faculty from Education, Psychology, Kinesiology, Music, Health Studies, Biology, Languages and Literacies, History, Social Work, Youth and Children’s Studies, and Global Studies, to name a few. CLRiE also partners with learning leads from community agencies, including school boards, and private industry.

Mission: to be a leader in interdisciplinary research and knowledge mobilization related to education in a changing world.

The core purposes of the CLRiE are to:

  • Support research and research-related activities in education across the lifespan.
  • Build sustainable educational knowledge mobilization networks.
  • Strengthen inter-disciplinary research networks with an education focus.

Our work is grouped in the following themes:

  • lifespan, living, and learning
  • internationalization and education
  • wellness and education
  • mathematics, languages, and literacies
  • teaching and learning in a digital world
  • Indigenous ways of education
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion

Contact Us:

Office Location: 202 Regina Street North