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Publications by Members


Exploring the Risk Factors of Cyberbullying Among Chinese Adolescents: the Important Role of Cybervictimization

Bowen Xiao, Wanfen Chen, Xialong Xie, Hong Zheng, Danielle Lae, Hezron Onditi, Junsheng Liu & Jennifer Shapka; International Journal of Bullying Prevention (2023)

International Graduate Students' Mental Health Diagnoses, Challenges, and Support

Kathleen Clarke; Journal of International Students, Vol. 13, No.3 (2023)

Perceptions About Motivation Towards Teaching English Language Employing Madrasati Platform during the Pandemic

Fawaz Al Mahmud & Nadeem Saqlain; International Journal of English Linguistics, Vol. 13, No.4, 2023

The University and Social Work Under Neoliberalism: Where’s the Social Inclusion for Disabled Faculty?

Cameron McKenzie & Maryam Khan; Social Inclusion, Vol. 11, No.2, 2023

“We’re Looking for Support from Allah”: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Trauma and Religious Coping among Afghan Refugees in Canada Following the August 2021 Withdrawal

Ravi Gokani, Stephanie Wiebe, Hakmatullah Sherzad & Bree Akesson; Religions 2023; 14(5): 645

Food Sovereignty for Health, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Gender Equity: Radical Implications for Haiti

Marylynn Steckley, Joshua Steckley, Walner Osna, Magalie Civil & Steve Sider; Development Policy Review,

Age, Experience and Language and Literacy Skills in English-Arabic Speaking Syrian Refugees

Alexandra Gottardo, Redab Al-Janaideh, Johanne Paradis, Adriana Soto-Corominas, Xi Chen & Norah Amin; Languages 2023 8(2): 101

Assessing Blended and Online - Only Delivery Formats for Teacher Professional Development in Kenya

Constanza Uribe Banda, Eileen Wood, Alexandra Gottardo, Jacqueline Biddle, Cliff Ghaa, Rose Iminza,  Anne Wade & Emmanuel Kori; Cogent Education 2023 Vol 10, No 1

Schoolyard Quality and Opportunities for Well-Being at School: A Citizen-Science Approach to System-Wide Measurement for Equity

Kelly Gallagher-MacKay & Chritine Corso; Leadership and Policy in Schools 2023

The Role of Context in Learning to Read Languages That Use Different Writing Systems and Scripts: Urdu and English 

Amna Mirza & Alexandra Gottardo; Languages 20238(1), 86

Disrupting the Colonizing Gaze and Mobilizing for Systemic Decolonization: 2020 World Events and the Curriculum of Critical Consciousness

H.L.J. Tsang & Ardavan Eizadirad; In book: Handbook of Curriculum Theory and Research (pp.1-16) March 2023

Morphology and Reading Skills in Arabic- Speaking Syrian Refugee Children

Redab Al-JanaidehSana TibiAlexandra GottardoJohanne Paradis &Xi Chen; Reading Research Quarterly 2023

Exploring African-centred social work education: the Ghanaian experience

Augustina Naami & Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy; Social Work Education 2023

Experiences of Learners Who Are Incarcerated With Accessing Educational Opportunities in Ontario, Canada 

Ardavan Eizadirad & Tina-Nadia Gopal Chambers; Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice 2023, Vol 23 Issue 1

The Summer of the Pivot: Prioritizing Equity in Remote Instruction Through a Multidisciplinary Community of Practice at a Canadian University 

Ardavan Eizadirad, Brent Hagerman, Louise Dawe, Shirley Hall, Tristan Long, Michelle Skop, Erin Hodson, Bina Mehta, Michael Daly & Joseph Beer; Journal of Leadership, Equity and Research 2023, Vol 9, No 1

Neural Circuits Underlying Language Control and Modality Control in Bilinguals: An fMRI Study

Huanhuan Liu, Zibin Guo, Yishan Jiang, John W. Schwieter & Fenqui Wang; Neuropsychologia 2023, Vol 178

Measurement Invariance of the Resistance to Peer Influence Scale across Culture and Gender

Bowen Xiao, Xiaolong Xie, Wanfen Chen, Danielle Law, Hezron Onditi, Junsheng Liu & Jennifer Shapka; European Journal of Psychological Assessment 2023

Mathematics Education Under the Gavel: Who Controls the Minimum Competency Standards?

Ann Kajander & Jennifer Holm; Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 22. 959-973 (2022)

Team of Caring Educators Delivering a Specialized Math Curriculum for Radicalized Youth during Covid-19

Sally AbudiabArdavan Eizadirad & Brice Baartman; Excellence in Education Journal Vol 12 Issue 1 Winter 2023

Weaving Together mind, body and spirit: envisioning pathways to trauma-informed classrooms from Indigenous perspective

Sandra Styres, Ryan Neepin & Julie Blair; International Encyclopedia of Education 2023

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