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Publications by Members


“We’re Looking for Support from Allah”: A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Trauma and Religious Coping among Afghan Refugees in Canada Following the August 2021 Withdrawal

Ravi Gokani, Stephanie Wiebe, Hakmatullah Sherzad, Bree Akesson; Religions 2023; 14(5): 645

Food sovereignty for health, agriculture, nutrition, and gender equity: Radical implications for Haiti

Marylynn Steckley, Joshua Steckley, Walner Osna, Magalie Civil, Steve Sider; Development Policy Review, Accepted Author Manuscript e12711.

Age, Experience and Language and Literacy Skills in English-Arabic Speaking Syrian Refugees

Alexandra Gottardo, Redab Al-Janaideh, Johanne Paradis, Adriana Soto-Corominas, Xi Chen and Norah Amin; Languages 2023 8(2): 101

Assessing Blended and Online - Only Delivery Formats for Teacher Professional Development in Kenya

Constanza Uribe Banda, Eileen Wood, Alexandra Gottardo, Jacqueline Biddle, Cliff Ghaa, Rose Iminza,  Anne Wade and Emmanuel Kori; Cogent Education 2023 Vol 10, No 1

Schoolyard Quality and Opportunities for Well-Being at School: A Citizen-Science Approach to System-Wide Measurement for Equity

Kelly Gallagher-MacKay and Chritine Corso; Leadership and Policy in Schools 2023

The Role of Context in Learning to Read Languages That Use Different Writing Systems and Scripts: Urdu and English 

Amna Mirza and Alexandra Gottardo; Languages 20238(1), 86

Disrupting the Colonizing Gaze and Mobilizing for Systemic Decolonization: 2020 World Events and the Curriculum of Critical Consciousness

H.L.J. Tsang and Ardavan Eizadirad; In book: Handbook of Curriculum Theory and Research (pp.1-16) March 2023

Morphology and Reading Skills in Arabic- Speaking Syrian Refugee Children

Redab Al-JanaidehSana TibiAlexandra GottardoJohanne ParadisXi Chen; Reading Research Quarterly 2023

Exploring African-centred social work education: the Ghanaian experience

Augustina Naami and Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy; Social Work Education 2023

Experiences of Learners Who Are Incarcerated With Accessing Educational Opportunities in Ontario, Canada 

Ardavan Eizadirad and Tina-Nadia Gopal Chambers; Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice 2023, Vol 23 Issue 1

The Summer of the Pivot: Prioritizing Equity in Remote Instruction Through a Multidisciplinary Community of Practice at a Canadian University 

Ardavan Eizadirad, Brent Hagerman, Louise Dawe, Shirley Hall, Tristan Long, Michelle Skop, Erin Hodson, Bina Mehta, Michael Daly and Joseph Beer; Journal of Leadership, Equity and Research 2023, Vol 9, No 1

Neural Circuits Underlying Language Control and Modality Control in Bilinguals: An fMRI Study

Huanhuan Liu, Zibin Guo, Yishan Jiang, John W. Schwieter and Fenqui Wang; Neuropsychologia 2023, Vol 178

Measurement Invariance of the Resistance to Peer Influence Scale across Culture and Gender

Bowen Xiao, Xiaolong Xie, Wanfen Chen, Danielle Law, Hezron Onditi, Junsheng Liu and Jennifer Shapka; European Journal of Psychological Assessment 2023

Mathematics Education Under the Gavel: Who Controls the Minimum Competency Standards?

Ann Kajander and Jennifer Holm; Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education 22. 959-973 (2022)

Team of Caring Educators Delivering a Specialized Math Curriculum for Radicalized Youth during Covid-19

Sally AbudiabArdavan Eizadirad and Brice Baartman; Excellence in Education Journal Vol 12 Issue 1 Winter 2023

Weaving Together mind, body and spirit: envisioning pathways to trauma-informed classrooms from Indigenous perspective

Sandra Styres, Ryan Neepin and Julie Blair; International Encyclopedia of Education 2023

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