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Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

Wilfrid Laurier University's Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (CSFS) addresses interconnected environmental, social and economic challenges facing the global food system. Food systems are an effective lens for understanding and acting on some of the most pressing issues facing communities, including food insecurity, climate change, water quality, waste and energy needs.

Food can act as a vehicle for change. School snack programs that purchase fruit directly from local producers who use low-impact farming methods make the connections between community, economic and ecological well-being more explicit. Through food, citizens, practitioners, policy-makers, private enterprise and academics can experience and understand the importance of ecological stewardship, social justice, prosperous economies, participatory democracy and food security.

The CSFS brings together researchers studying these issues from across Laurier, including researchers from Geography and Environmental Studies, Psychology, Biology, Global Studies, Religion and Culture, and the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to conduct research on sustainable food systems grounded in practice and theory, and to disseminate this co-generated knowledge through local, national and global networks to advance opportunities and learning.