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Northern Food Systems Student Symposium: Calls to Action

Research communities have increasingly taken up the task of weaving action-based reconciliation into their practices. Publications like “Towards reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action to natural scientists working in Canada” and “Calls to Action to Research Scientists” provide invaluable guidelines to “…shift the power balance and meet the needs of Indigenous peoples and communities” (NWTAC, 2020) in all aspects of their work.

In honour of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we’re sharing some of the thoughts and experiences of researchers within the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (LCSFS) network, the Northern Food Systems Research Group (NFSRG), and the Community Capacity for Climate Change and Food Security (C4FS) project. Select calls from the “10 Calls to Action” (Wong et al., 2020; NWTAC, 2020) have been adapted from the natural sciences context within this pamphlet. Building on these calls, LCSFS and NFSRG researchers reflect on their own responsibilities to the specific Indigenous communities they serve.

Find the full pamphlet here

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