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Approaches to Social Inclusion, Community Resilience, and Homelessness in the Context of Emerging Asocial Societies

Researchers at the Centre for Research on Security Practices were awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to conduct a knowledge synthesis projecct entitled Approaches to social inclusion, community resilience, and homelessness in the context of emerging asocial societies. This project synthesized and mapped peer-reviewed academic and grey-literature contributions in the following three areas related to homelessness: (1) NIMBY discourses, narratives, and policies, (2) YIMBY and social inclusion discourses, narratives, and policies, and (3) current uses, iterations, and conceptual or theoretical contributions around community resiliency. The following questions guided this knowledge synthesis review: 

  1. How does the literature on NIMBYism articulate the problem of anti-homelessness and how have researchers charted the movement’s effects (if any) on public policy? 
  2. What policies—both domestically and internationally—have been identified in literature as contributing to or challenging social exclusion and how have researchers and practitioners assessed these legal and regulatory frameworks? 
  3. What are effective and promising YIMBY approaches that promote and foster community resilience and what factors contribute to their success?  

Project Members:

Principal Investigator: Marcus Sibley, PhD

Co-Investigators: Erin Dej, PhD; Carrie Sanders, PhD; Samantha Henderson, PhD; Jason Webb, PhD

Research Assistants: Danielle Thompson, MA; Natasha Martino, MA; Alia Hussain

Contact Us:

Carrie Sanders, Director

Bree Akesson, Associate Director

Samantha Henderson, Project Coordinator

T: 519.756.8228 x5376