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The UNESCO Chair on Food, Biodiversity and Sustainability Studies aims to create sustainable food systems change by sharing knowledge and highlighting research stories that prioritize the voices of our community partners. Through our work, we will continue building multi-scalar, cross-sectoral, and interdisciplinary collaborative networks and create opportunities for just and sustainable change all along the food system, from seed to compost heap.

Sustainable food systems resources:

  • News — The latest from the UNESCO Chair and Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems network, including events, newsletters, and publications
  • Notes from the Chair — A semi-regular blog series that reflects on and engages with sustainable food systems conversations of the day
  • Events and Webinars — Upcoming online and in-person events organized by the UNESCO Chair along with descriptions and recordings of past events
  • Policy Resources — A collection of resources developed for policy experts, highlighting specific, scale-adjusted, forward-thinking policy considerations
  • Education Resources — A collection of resources developed for educators teaching about sustainable food systems at the at the secondary and post-secondary level

To learn about new resources and stay-up-to date with UNESCO Chair activities, sign up for the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems’ Mailing List, or follow the UNESCO Chair on Twitter.

Contact Us:

Alison Blay-Palmer, Chairholder


Andrew Spring, Executive Director of Research


Jane Clause, Director of Programming, Education, and Communications