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Generative AI in Teaching and Learning

Generative AI is becoming deeply integrated in all aspects of our lives, and universities are key institutions for teaching how to use generative AI responsibly and critically. At Laurier, we support faculty members in critically considering the adoption of generative AI in their courses where it aligns with how the technology is changing the way in which the world interacts with the discipline/subject matter. 

These resources are meant as a beginning to conversations about the rapidly evolving potential impacts on higher education that generative AI is having. These are suggestions to support integration of generative AI into your assessments and classroom activities.

Exploring TEI’s Generative AI Resources at your own P.A.C.E.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or newly curious about implications for education, the pathways through our resources are designed to support the diverse demands of instructors’ schedules, engagement preferences, and distinct classroom environments. Explore the role of AI and its impact on your teaching at a P.A.C.E. that suits you:

P – Peer-led learning & collaboration: Engage in dynamic discussions with colleagues, raising questions, sharing insights, experiences, and innovative AI applications in the classroom. These peer interactions and hands-on sessions offer a space for practical engagement and critical conversations to support each other and to build our collective understandings. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and workshops open to all Laurier faculty.

A - Accessing resources: Dive into this guide’s curated collection of self-paced materials, including articles, videos, informative links, instructor guidelines, and sample syllabi statements tailored for the Laurier community, to deepen your understanding of AI in education.

C - Content streaming: Catch up on insightful webinars and recordings at your convenience, gaining valuable perspectives on AI implementation strategies, and hear from Laurier colleagues about their approaches, enriching your toolkit for integrating AI into courses.

E - Engaging with Educational Developers: Reach out to Educational Developers on the TEI team. Connect directly for one-on-one consultations to think through challenges, seek personalized support to adapt assessments for AI, and consider activities and approaches aligned with individual teaching contexts.

Curious about AI’s place in education but unsure where to start? We invite you to navigate through our resources at your own P.A.C.E. and hope they guide you to areas that capture your interest and help you in your exploration of how AI can enhance, challenge, or transform your teaching practice.

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