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Grants and Awards

MS2Discovery research grants and student awards help to raise the profile of interdisciplinary research and education in the institute’s priority areas. They support and recognize the institute's researchers at an early stage of their career. Such researchers include undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research associates. Candidates for these grants and awards show an enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and educational environment at the MS2Discovery Institute.

How to Apply

Download and complete the appropriate application form. Each form has a list of the documents to be submitted with your application. Use the checklist on the application form to make sure all required documents are included. Send your complete application package to before the indicated deadline. Application packages must be sent in one single zipped file with the subject line "Grants&Awards@MS2Discovery." 

A1 Research and Travel Grants

These grants help young researchers to:

  • Present their work and findings at conferences and meetings.
  • Visit another institution, such as a university or research establishment of international standing in the institute’s priority areas.

To apply for a research and travel grant, you must be a member of the institute in a student, affiliated or associate membership category.


The competition for research and travel grants is open to all members of the institute at an early stage of their career. Preference is given to students registered at Laurier who are members of the MS2Discovery Institute.

Application deadline: May 15 and November 15 each year.

Maximum value:

  • $500 for undergraduate researchers
  • $1,000 for graduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral researchers, or assistant professors.

Award Winners

2021 Award Winner

  • Ahmed Mohamed Eid
  • Fahimeh Ziaei

2019 Award Winners

  •  Majid Hojati 
  •  Katrina Protopapas 
  •  Nicole Ritter
  •  Kelly Robb 
  •  Yaode Sui

2018 Award Winners

  • Anthony Trinh
  • Nimer Murshid
  • Karim Malik

Previous Award Winners

  • Mohammad Aminur Rahman
  • Sarah Mitchell-Ewart
  • Nicole Ritter
  • Russell Kennedy

Student Awards


Student awards are limited to students registered at Laurier who are members of the MS2Discovery Institute. A student may hold one award per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) and a maximum of two awards during their enrolment at Laurier. Complete the Student Award Application form to apply for a student award.


  • Applications which are not complete or do not comply with these guidelines may not be considered.
  • The decision on all awards is made by a three person panel, including representatives of board of directors and research theme coordinators. The procedure complies with the Conflict of Interest Policy where no individual involved in the application (e.g. an advisor, a potential advisor, or a supervisor) can serve on the panel.
  • An award or a grant may not always be bestowed in a given year.
  • The award, if granted, would be available on confirmation of enrolment in the relevant field at Laurier.
  • Travel expenses can be reimbursed directly to the guarantee only upon presentation of original receipts. All rates must comply with the Laurier Research Expense Guidelines.
  • All awardees should acknowledge their awards in research publications, press releases, and other publications or documents about research that has been funded, including research that has been originated or derived from the funded research visit. Publications should include the following statement: “Research was supported by the MS2Discovery Institute.”
  • Awardees are required to send a short report detailing how they used the award within three months of receiving the award. The report should be sent to

A2 Early Student Researcher Award

The Early Student Researcher Award supports undergraduate and graduate students who are in their final year of undergraduate studies, or the first year of a graduate program, studying in an institute priority area, under the supervision of a faculty member affiliated with the institute. Awardees are required to share the results of this award with MS2Discovery through a short report and photo.

Application deadline: May 15 and Nov. 15 each year.

Amount: $500

Award Winners

2021 Award Winners

  • Douglas Bowen
  • Yara Khalaf
  • Carol Salama

2020 Award Winners

  • Mohsen Bahremani
  • Shea Kraemer

A3 Student Researcher Award

The Student Researchers Award recognizes outstanding research at the graduate level. It is awarded to graduate students, affiliated with the Institute, for their outstanding thesis/dissertation (at a Master’s or a PhD level) or a research paper published/accepted in an internationally recognized journal while studying at Laurier. Awardees are required to share the results of this award with MS2Discovery through a short report and photo.

Application deadline: May 15 each year.

Amount: $1,000

Award Winners

2021 Award Winner

  • Wisam Mohammed
  • Hina Shaheen

2020 Award Winners

  • Tina Arabian
  • Mohammad Mehdi Jourabchi

2018 Award Winner

  • Mohammad Aminur Rahman

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