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Our People

Board of Directors

Manuele Santoprete

Roderick Melnik
Founding Director

Sapna Isotupa
Associate Director

Marek Wartak
Deputy Director, Education

Advisory Board

Albert-László Barabási
Northeastern University, Boston

Alan Edelman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Carlos Garcia-Servera
University of California, Santa Barbara

Shaofan Li
University of California, Berkeley

Bruce Shapiro
NIH National Cancer Institute Centre for Cancer Research, Frederick

Research Theme Coordinators


Associate Members

  • Shyam Badu
  • Nick Costanzino
  • Stephanie Crowe
  • Anakkavoor Jagdish
  • Jevgenijs Kaupuzs
  • Carlos Leon
  • Roy Mahapatra
  • Nimer Murshid
  • Max Paliy
  • Sanjay Prabhakar
  • Sundeep Singh
  • Haijun Tan
  • Thoa Thieu
  • Anurag Tiwari
  • Linxiang Wang
  • Bin Wen
  • Karl Wouterloot
  • Jack Yang

Student Members

  • Adrian Adamescu
  • Reem Almarashi
  • Tina Arabian
  • Farah Ateeq
  • Mohsen Bahremani
  • Konrad Bania
  • Manoj Belavadi
  • Sia Bhowmick
  • Douglas Bowen
  • Richard Edward
  • Ahmed Mohamed Eid
  • Benjamin Friedrich
  • Heather Gaebler
  • Foad Ghasemi
  • Harold Hodgins
  • Christopher Hogan
  • Majid Hojati
  • Igor Ivashev
  • Courtney Jones
  • Mohammad Mehdi Jourabchi
  • Russell Kennedy
  • Yara Khalaf
  • Muhammad Khan
  • Colin Kirst
  • Shea Kraemer
  • Anisha Kuppa
  • Brenda Jerutha Kurorwaho
  • Haydn Lawrence
  • Sanwei Lu
  • Matthew McCreath
  • Julia Metelka
  • Sara Mitchell-Ewart
  • Wisam Mohammed
  • Kenneth Onuma
  • Divyang Patel
  • Katrina Protopapas
  • Mohammad Aminur Rahman
  • Nicole Ritter
  • Kelly Robb
  • Md Abdus Sabur
  • Carol Salama
  • Hina Shaheen
  • Mohammad Simjour
  • Arthur Situm
  • Sara Soldoozy
  • Tomendro Subedi
  • Yaode Sui
  • Emily Sung
  • Marzieh Tabefam
  • Logan K. Townsend
  • Anthony Trinh
  • Chelsea Uggenti
  • Dan Wang
  • Lauren Yee
  • Fahimeh Ziaei

Support Staff

Administrative Assistant

Arman AP
Website Coordinator

In Memoriam

David Cai (1963-2017)

Professor Cai served on the Advisory Board of the Institute from its inception. See In Memoriam for David Cai at the SIAM webpage.

David Vaughan (1951-2015)

Professor Vaughan was one of the creators of the institute. He was deputy director, operations and advancement. Read his obituary.

Janis Rimshans (1951-2015)

Professor Rimshans was an associate member of the MS2Discovery Institute. He visited Wilfrid Laurier University and collaborated with the members of the institute on a wide range of scientific topics. Professor Rimshans was a Latvian mathematician and physicist, director of the Liepaja University, director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology, head of the Mathematical Modeling Hydrodynamics Laboratory in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the University of Latvia. Janis was a wonderful person and a great scientist who is missed by many of us who had an honour and privilege to work with him.

Join Us!

Membership is open to all faculty at Laurier and partner institutions who are interested in participating in research and/or activities within the institute's priority areas

If you are a student, our faculty members can supervise you through their affilation to a number of nearby universities, in addition to WLU. Please consult our Graduate Programs page for further information  on your Masters or PhD studies in one of the priorities areas of the Institute. 

If you are a student who is supervised by our faculty,  become a student member to get involved in our activities. To become a member, contact

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Office Location: Lazaridis Hall room LH3087, Waterloo Campus

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