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Our Research

Mathematical and statistical models form the basis for many features of modern society, reaching into every corner of our lives:

  • Financial markets now rely on mathematical and statistical models for strategy, regulation and reporting.
  • Digital security and national security depend on developments in communications technologies and cryptography, where mathematical relationships play a crucial role.

Mathematical and statistical models are also firmly rooted in areas such as atmospheric chemistry and climate science, geochemistry, forensic science, criminology and anthropology:

  • Regional and global scale climate models predict the future of our climate and guide policy development on adaptation.
  • Pollutant fate models inform decisions made by environmental protection agencies and industries invested in environmental remediation.
  • Neural networks help us understand how sensory information (e.g. vision and touch) is used to control our movements in order to improve balance during walking and prevent falls.
  • The development of the food industry, transportation science and logistics, as well as advances in basic biological science, all of which depend on mathematical models.
  • Progress in economics and most social science disciplines relies not only on sophisticated statistics, but also on models from constructed using mathematical disciplines like game theory.

Institute Priority Areas

MS2Discovery focuses on mathematical and statistical modelling, and its interdisciplinary applications. The institute’s priority areas include the following interdisciplinary research themes:

  • natural sciences and technology
    • nanoscience and nanotechnology, renewable energy and sustainable development
    • life sciences, biotechnology and bioinformatics
    • mechanics and materials science
    • complex systems, networks, information theory and algorithms
    • ecology, climate and environmental sciences
  • finance, business and economics, social sciences and arts
    • operations research and decision science
    • mathematical models in finance
    • econometrics and quantitative approaches to economics, business and political science
    • quantitative approaches in social sciences
    • human interface technology and design
  • basic fundamental research with the potential for applications and collaborative projects


Researchers by Theme

MS2Discovery members are involved in various projects under the following themes.

Publications Database

The MS2Discovery Publications Database provides a list of research that has been authored or co-authored by members of the MS2Discovery institute.


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