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International Migration Research Centre

The International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) mandate is to provide a platform for debate, research, policy analysis, community engagement and proposal development related to international migration and mobility at the global, national and regional scale.

Our mission is to develop and sponsor research relationships that encourage involvement with scholars from all Laurier faculties. The IMRC affiliated faculty and students are active members of international networks and liaise with migration and refugee centres in the region and around the world.

Research Initiatives

The IMRC fosters research in the areas of new policy development and alternative models in practices of engaging and supporting temporary and permanent forms of international migration. The IMRC research initiatives are promoted through activities that include:

  • Hosting research grants.
  • Assisting with the development of research programs.
  • Conducting seminars.
  • Organizing and conducting conferences.
  • Hosting guest speakers and visiting scholars.

The IMRC share and discuss research findings with nongovernmental and governmental actors and representatives, including:

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Contact Us:

T: 226.772.3183
Office Location: Balsillie School of International Affairs, Room 248, 67 Erb Street West Waterloo, ON