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Research Outputs

While we are involved in producing numerous reports, they are typically owned and controlled by a community or organization that may not want the report shared by others. For that reason, only shared/shareable reports and publications are listed here.

Academic Publications (Since 2020)

  1. Jull, J., King, A., King, M., Graham, I., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., Jacklin, K., Moody-Corbett, P., & Moore, J. (2020). A principled approach to research conducted with Inuit, Métis and First Nations People: Promoting engagement inspired by the CIHR Guidelines involving Aboriginal People (2007-2010). International Indigenous Policy Journal, 11(2). [hyperlink:]
  2. Morton Ninomiya, M.E., George, J., Linklater, R., Bernards, S., Graham, K., Peach, L., Bull, J. George, N., Plain, S., Stergiopoulos, V., Kurdyak, P., McKinley, G., Donnelly, P., & Wells, S. (2020). A Community-Driven and Evidence-Based Approach to Developing Mental Wellness Strategies in First Nations: A Program Protocol. BMC Research Involvement and Engagement, 6(1), 1-12. [hyperlink:]
  3. Ward, C., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., & Firestone, M. (2021). Anti-Indigenous racism training and culturally safe learning: Theory, practice and pedagogy. International Journal of Indigenous Health, 16(1).
  4. Venugopal, J., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., Peach, L., Green, N., & Wells, S. (2021). Implemented and evaluated Indigenous community-wide wellness strategies: A scoping review. Rural and Remote Health, 21(1).
  5. George, J., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., Graham, K., & Wells, S. (2021). Developing a Healing and Wellness Program for First Nations Boys and Men: The Mishoomsinaang Mentorship Program. Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Te Māuri – Pimatisiwin, 6(2).
  6. Jull, J., King, A., Mashford-Pringle, A., Manitowabi, D., Walker, J., Brant, L., King, M., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., Gordon, M., & Ferrazzi, P. (March 15, 2021). Indigenous community research partnership can help address health inequities. The Conversation.
  7. Maddox, R., Blais, G., Mashford-Pringle, A., Monchalin, R., Firestone, M., Ziegler, C., Morton Ninomiya, M.E., & Smylie, J. (2021). Indigenous Health Service and Program Evaluation: A systematic review. American Journal of Evaluation, 42(3), 332-353.
  8. Morton Ninomiya, M.E., Maddox, R., Brascoupé, S. Robinson, N., Atkinson, D., Firestone, M., Ziegler, C., Smylie, J. (2022). Knowledge translation approaches and practices in Indigenous health research: A systematic review. Social Science & Medicine, 301(2022)