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  • If you have a research project in mind, want to have a research synthesis (e.g. a literature review), want to collaborate on a project, or get some research support for your community/organization, please consider reaching out. 
  • There are often students looking to complete a meaningful undergraduate or graduate level research project, with faculty researcher supervision. We also have volunteers who may be in a position to be involved in small ways. 
  • If you have a research question that requires funding and time, we can explore potential funding opportunities and partnership models together.
  • We are primarily interested in research that is initiated and driven (also often governed) by community organizations, groups, or Indigenous governments.  
  • We are committed to sharing academic forms of knowledge, evidence, and synthesis in accessible formats depending on the readership -- written in plain language, rich with imagery such as infographics, videos, and comic strip style products.  
  • If you are a First Nations, Inuit, or Métis student (current or future) and are interested in Indigenous health and wellness research, please feel free to contact us. 
  • We can find ways for you to be trained in Indigenous research methodologies as well as explore the possibility of your involvement in current or future research projects and be connected with other Indigenous students/trainees in research.