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Separation of variables and superintegrability on Riemannian coverings

Speaker: Giovanni Rastelli, Università di Torino
Date:  February Wednesday 8th, 2023
Time: 1:30 pm
Room: LH3058 (Lazaridis Hall, Room 3058)
Abstract: In this talk, we introduce Stäckel separable coordinates on the covering manifolds Mk, where k is a rational parameter, of certain constant-curvature Riemannian manifolds with the structure of warped manifold. These covering manifolds appear implicitly in literature as connected with superintegrable systems with polynomial in the momenta first integrals of arbitrarily high degree, such as the Tremblay-Turbiner-Winternitz system. We study here for the first time multiseparability and superintegrability of Hamiltonian systems on these manifolds and see how these properties depend on the parameter k.
Bio: Giovanni Rastelli is a researcher in mathematical physics affiliated to the department of mathematics of the Università di Torino, in Italy.
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