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David Soave selected as Laurier Early Career Researcher Award Winner

Wilfrid Laurier University is honouring three of its faculty members with Early Career Researcher Awards. The internal awards recognize faculty who are early in their careers and have made exceptional contributions to research and student training. 

Each award winner was nominated by their faculty’s dean and will receive a $2,500 grant to support their research program. 

David Soave, assistant professor of Mathematics, and a member of MS2Discovery, was among the 2022 awardees along with Jennifer Holm, assistant professor of Education; and James Popham, assistant professor of Criminology.

David Soave’s research program develops and uses cutting-edge statistical methodology to tackle problems in biology, medicine and public health. His work is motivated by the increasing presence of large, complex databases in these fields, with specific projects designed to further understand the causes of diseases and to estimate patient risk and prognosis.

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