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Mohammad Mehdi Jourabchi Receives MS2Discovery Student Researcher Award

Mohammad Mehdi Jourabchi was a recipient of the MS2Discovery Graduate Student Researcher Award in 2020. The core concept of his research is to introduce the notion of Environmental Gap in the Logistics Service Provider (LSP)-Shipper Interface, in other words, the misalignment between the parties’ environmental decisions. His research adds a new perspective to the study of a supplier’s environmental performance assessment, emphasizing conflict resolution in the parties’ accountability for environmental issues in the supply chain. His research tries to address three critical questions that arise in the context of carbon emissions from freight transportation:

1) To what extent are the emissions reductions goals of LSPs aligned (or misaligned) with those of shippers?

2) How do factors such as consumer preferences and carbon tax policy, and the parties’ respective share of green investment determine which of these parties prefer lower emissions level than the other?

3) Why do LSPs and shippers are yet to fully agree on matters such as how to share the responsibility for environmental initiatives or whose responsibility it should be to pay for Carbon Tax?

Mehdi’s research aims to provide scholarly insights and practical significance for the parties involved in logistics and freight transport sector. His findings are also aimed at policy makers who are seeking to align the economic incentives of the transport sector with environmental objectives.

Mohammad Mehdi graduated in November 2020 and has received his PhD in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. His primary research interests are in analytical modeling and data analysis. His research interest is focused on environmental sustainability management in the supply chain as well as environmental implications of sharing economy logistics. During his PhD, he welcomed the opportunity to be supervised by Michael Haughton, a Lazaridis School of Business and Economics professor and CN Fellow in Supply Chain Management. Mathematics professor D. Marc Kilgour co-supervised Jourabchi develop the methodological aspects of his research.
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