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Laurier Centre for Music in the Community

The Laurier Centre for Music in the Community (LCMC) was formed with a mission of connecting Laurier to the wider Waterloo Regional community through musical activities, community research and collaboration. The LCMC lives out this mission through research, symposia, publishing, projects, partnerships and concerts. Using music as a conduit, we work to connect to our community, collaborate with music makers, and thereby contribute to the vitality of the music of the people and of the people themselves.

In May 2007, Wilfrid Laurier University approved the LCMC to be one of the institution’s research centres and a public launch was held on March 28, 2008. The LCMC is a significant achievement in the context of a research university. In establishing a research centre based on community, we are showcasing a strong commitment to research and a drive to connect institution to community. LCMC welcomes research in any method that addresses aspects of music and community. It is through this research that we seek to inform practice.

The LCMC has generated innovative and transformative events, leading to research and improved practice in our communities. The Master of Arts in Community Music was formed largely due to the research and work of LCMC and is the only program of its kind in Canada. In a time where the community musician is becoming a recognized practice, we are in place to provide support, and research and facilitation services to enhance the work in this field.