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War and Society

The War and Society collective exists to foster research, education, public outreach and discussion of historical and contemporary conflict. It acknowledges the importance of conflict as well as its diverse and far-reaching impacts beyond the battlefield.

The War and Society collective encompasses a vast array of topics. The Centre’s researchers study the conduct of specific campaigns and wars, analysing how conflicts were fought, why specific decisions were made and how certain outcomes occurred. They also explore the social and cultural aspects of war, such as the medicalisation of conditions like shell shock and PTSD, and wartime experiences on the battlefield and at home. The Centre's researchers further investigate the short- and long-term effects of war on individuals and communities, peacekeeping and peacebuilding initiatives by local and foreign governments and collective modes of remembrance and commemoration of past conflicts.

The War and Society collective examines the totality of war and endeavours to understand how it has shaped the past and present.

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