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Safety in Brantford, Ontario

In midsized communities like Brantford, Ontario, visible indicators of social and physical disorder leave people fearful and unwilling to engage in civic life. The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified these concerns, as housing has become more inaccessible and homelessness and visible encampments in these areas continues to increase. Municipalities like Brantford are working to respond to these concerns through strategies such as community safety and well-being plans. Still, many of these plans lack a detailed evidence-base of the actual problems, and do not fully engage those most impacted by these decisions: residents and local stakeholders.  

To develop effective strategies that both incorporate and receive support from all members of the community, an evidence informed approach is required. Since 2021, our research team (comprised of Dr. Carrie Sanders, Dr. Tarah Hodgkinson, Dr. Samantha Henderson, and Dr. Camie Condon) has been collaborating with Brantford Police Services to empirically investigate crime and perceptions of safety in downtown Brantford.

In 2023, we received additional funding to host an action-oriented search conference and to conduct a city-wide safety survey.

Action-Oriented Search Conference

Following our study on Perceptions of Safety in Downtown Brantford, the research team will lead an action-oriented search conference to bring together stakeholders, disseminate research on local community safety, and develop inclusive solutions to ongoing safety concerns.


Fact Sheets and Research Findings

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