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Research Outputs

Ciann L. Wilson's Publications 

Natalie Kivell's Publications 



Wilson, C. L., and James, L. (In press). Imagining Possible Futures for Black and Indigenous Relations. The Feral Feminisms Journal.

Armstrong, E., Coleman, T., Coulombe, S., Lewis, N. M., Wilson, C. L., Woodford, M., Cameron, R., & Travers, R. (Accepted). Travelling for sex, attending gay-specific venues, and HIV-related sexual among men who have sex with men in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. 

Beals, A. M., & Wilson, C. L. (2020). Indigenous-Black identity, mental health, and trauma. AlterNative Journal. 16(1).

Beals, A. M., & Wilson, C. L. (2020). Mixed-Blood: Indigenous-Black Identity in Colonial Canada. AlterNative Journal.

Fante-Coleman, T., & Jackson-Best, F. (2020). Barriers, facilitators for Black youth accessing mental healthcare in Canada: A scoping review. Adolescent Research Review, 5, 115–136.

Hunt, B., Wilson, C. L., Fauzia, G. & Mazhar, F. (2020). The Muslimah project: A Collaborative inquiry into discrimination and Muslim women’s mental health in a Canadian context. American Journal of Community Psychology. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12450

Hunt, B. Wilson, C. L., Fauzia, G., & Mazhar, F. (2020). The researcher is not the expert: Negotiating roles and responsibilities in The Muslimah Project. The Community Psychologist, 53(1).

Taylor, K. J., Coulombe, S., Coleman, T., Cameron, R., Davis, C., Wilson, C. L., Woodford, M. R., Travers, R. (2020). Social support, discrimination, and self-esteem in LGBTQ high school and post-secondary students. Journal of LGBT Youth. Pp. 1 - 25 DOI: 10.1080/19361653.2020.1812465

Cook, K., & Wilson, C. L. (2019). Representations of fatness in parents magazine. A critical discourse analysis. Fat Studies: Fat in Theatre and Performance, 8(3), 320-333. doi: 10.1080/21604851.2019.1574509

Fante-Coleman,T., Wilson, C. L., McKee, R., Marcotte, A. A., Travers, R., Furman, E., & the ACBY Team. (2019). Influences of sexual behaviours and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among heterosexual ACB youth living in Windsor, Ontario. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 36(11-12), 3515-3526.

Furman, E., Singh, A. K., Wilson, C. L., D’alessandro, F., & Miller, Z. (2019). “A Space Where People Get It”: A methodological reflection of arts-informed community-based participatory research with non-binary youth". International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 18, 1-12. doi: 10.1177/1609406919858530

Vokes, S. G., Barry, E., Wilson, C. L., Pulla, V., Shacter, J. (2019). Gaining insight into youth programming and the inclusivity of girls. The Critical Social Work Journal: An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to Social Justice, 1(1), 88-108.

Furman, E., Singh, A. K., Darko, N., & Wilson, C. L. (2018). Activism, intersectionality, and community psychology: The way in which the Black Lives Matter movement helps us to examine white supremacy in Canada’s LGBTQ community. The Journal of Community Psychology in Global Perspectives, 4(2), 34-54. doi: 10.1285/i24212113v4i2p34

Chambers, L., Jackson, R., Worthington, C., Wilson, C. L., Tharao, W., Greenspan, N., Masching, R., Pierre-Pierre, V., Mbulaheni, T., Amirault, M., & Brownlee, P. (2018). Decolonizing scoping review methodologies for literature with and for Indigenous peoples and the African diaspora: Dialoguing with the tensions. Qualitative Health Research, 28(2), 175-188.

Flicker, S., Wilson, C., Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Monchalin, R., Restoule, J.P., Mitchell, C., Larkin, J., Prentice, T., Jackson, R., & Oliver, V. (2018). The impact of Indigenous youth sharing digital stories about HIV activism. Health Promotion Practice, 1-9.

Nelson, L., James, L., Coleman, T., Joseph, D., Etowa, J., Husbands, W., Lofters, A., Mitchell, M., Nnorom, O., Chinedu, O., Rana, R., Arjumand, S., Walcott, R., & Wilson, C. L. (2018). A recipe for increasing racial and gender disparities in HIV infection: A critical analysis of the Canadian guideline on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 28(1), 1-4.

Syed, I., Wilson, C. L., McKee, R., Marcotte, A. A., Travers, R., & The ACBY Team. (2018). More threatened than safe: What African, Caribbean and Black youth living in Windsor Ontario say about their interactions with law enforcement. Community Psychology in Global Perspectives, 4(2), 101-118.

Flicker, S., The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Wilson, C. L., Monchalin, R., Oliver, V., Prentice, T., Jackson, R., Larkin, J., Mitchell, C., & Restoule, J.P. (2017). “Stay Strong, Stay Sexy, Stay Native:” Storying Indigenous Youth HIV Prevention Activism. Action Research, 17(3), 323-343. doi: 10.1177/1476750317721302

Furman, E., Barata, P., Wilson, C. L., & Fante-Coleman, T. (2017). “It’s a gap in awareness”: Exploring service provision for LGBTQ2S survivors of intimate partner violence in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 29(3), 1-16. doi:10.1080/10538720.2017.1365672

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Wilson, C. L., Flicker, S., Restoule, J. P., & Furman, E. (2016). Narratives of resistance: (Re) Telling the story of the HIV/AIDS movement – Because the lives and legacies of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour communities depend on it. Health Tomorrow, 4(1), 1-35.

Wilson, C. L., Oliver, V., Flicker, S., The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Prentice, T., Jackson, R., Larkin, L., Restoule, J.P., Mitchell, C. (2016). Culture as HIV Prevention: Indigenous Youth Speak Up!. Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 9(1), 74 -88. doi: 10.5130/ijcre.v9i1.4802


Books/Book Chapters

Co-editors: Wilson, C. L., James, L., & Lovell, A. (forthcoming). Capturing the Black Experience: The Ethics and Politics of Research in Black Communities in Canada.

Co-editors: Travers, R., Coleman, T., Wilson, C. L., Coulombe, S., Woodford, M. (forthcoming). Designing LGBTQ2S+ Research for Change. Laurier Press.

Wilson, C.L., Darko, N. A., Singh, A. K., & Hunt, B. (2020). Racism and applications of critical race and intersectional theories in community psychology. In M. Riemer, S.M. Reich, S.D., Evans, G. Nelson, & I. Prilleltensky (Eds.), Community psychology: In pursuit of liberation and well-being (3rd ed., pp. 441-456). Red Globe Press – Macmillan.

Wilson, C. L., Flicker, S., & Restoule, J. (In Press). Building Black and Indigenous Alliances for Health and Wellbeing in Harriet’s Legacies: Race, Historical Memory and Futures in Canada. Eds. Ronald Cummings and Natalee Caple. McGill Queens University Press.

Harrigan, M., Woodford, M., Godderis, R., & Wilson, C.L. (2020) Understanding students’ intentions to intervene to prevent sexual violence: A Canadian study. In Diane Crocker, Joanne Minaker, and Amanda Nelund (Eds.), Violence Interrupted: Confronting Sexual Violence on University Campuses. McGill-Queens University Press. pp. 164-188.

Wilson, C. L., & Beals, A. M. (2019). Proclaiming Our Indigenous-Black Roots at a Time of Truth and Reconciliation. In S. Wilson, A. Breen, & L. Dupre (Eds.), Research and Reconciliation: Unsettling Ways of Knowing through Indigenous Relationships. Canadian Scholars Press.

Wilson, C. L., & Flicker, S. (2018). “Let’s Talk About Sex for Money – An exploration of economically motivated relationships amongst young Black Women in Canada.” Gender, Sex, and Sexuality among Contemporary Youth: Generation Sex Sociological Studies of Children and Youth (23., pp. 97-119). Emerald Publishing Ltd.

Evans, S. D., Duckett., P., Lawthom, R. & Kivell, N. (2017). Positioning the Critical in Community Psychology. In M.A. Bond, C. Keys & I. Serrano-Garcia (Eds.), APA Handbook of Community Psychology. (2nd ed., pp. 320-337). Sage Publications.

Malpert, A. V., Suiter, S. V., Kivell, N., Perkins, D. D., Bess, K., Evans, S. D., Hanlin, C. E., Conway, P., McCown, D. & Prilleltensky, I. (2017). Community Psychology. Handbook of Qualitative Methods in Psychology.

Wilson, C. L., & Flicker, S. (2015). “Picturing Transactional Sex: Ethics Challenges and Possibilities.” In A. Gubrium, K. Harper and M. Otanez (editors) Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action. Left Coast Press. pp. 73 – 86.


Other Published Works

Wilson, C. L. & Beals, A. M. (2020). From Community-Based Research to a Movement - The Proclaiming Our Roots Project Case Study. The Community Psychologist.

Hunt, B., Wilson, C. L., Mazar, F., Fauzia, G., & Bhutto, U. (2020). The Researcher is not the Expert: Negotiating Roles and Responsibilities in The Muslimah Project. The Community Psychologist.

Wilson, C. L. (2019). If we aren’t counted, then we don’t count: The Importance of race-based data in understanding the lived realities of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Communities. Immigration Partnership Newsletter. Issue 18.

Wilson, C. L., & Flicker, S. (2014). Arts-Based Methods IN D. Cohlan and M. Brydon-Miller (editors) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research. SAGE.  

Wilson, C. L. (2011). Let’s Talk About Sex: Exploring Young Women’s Agency in this Context of Risk. York Institute of Health Research 2011 Graduate Symposium Proceedings


Fante-Coleman, T., & Jackson-Best, F. (2020). Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Mental Healthcare for Black Children & Youth: A Scoping Review. Toronto. Retrieved from 

Davis, C., Fante-Coleman, T., Wilson, C. L., McLaren, E., Silk, E.W., Schmid, E., Travers, R., Luu, K., Mulholland, A., Bell, J., Ashtianti, S., & the OutLook Study Team. (2019). Experiences of Trans People in Waterloo Region. Wilfrid Laurier University. Waterloo, Ontario. Pp 1 - 10

Fante-Coleman, T., Beals, A. M., & Wilson, C. L. (2019). Women in health: Violence in the workplace. Access & Equity Lab Report.

Kivell, N. (2019). Migrant Workers in Grey-Bruce: An organizing plan and community overview, Grey Bruce Community Legal Clinic, Owen Sound, Ontario 

Hunt, B., Wilson, C. L., Fauzia, G., & Mazhar, F. (2019). The Muslimah Project Community Report: A Community Inquiry into Discrimination and Muslim Women’s Mental Health in a Canadian Context. WLU. Waterloo, Ontario, 1-16. 

Singh, A. K., Furman, E., & Wilson, C. L. (2019). Hamilton JumpStart Evaluation Report: 2018-2019. Wilfrid Laurier University.

Singh, A. K., Furman, E., & Wilson, C. L. (2019). Waterloo JumpStart Evaluation Report: 2018-2019. Wilfrid Laurier University.

Singh, A. K., Furman, E., & Wilson, C. L. (2018). Hamilton JumpStart Evaluation Report: 2017-2018. Wilfrid Laurier University.

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Singh, A. K., Furman, E., & Wilson, C. L. (2017). JumpStart Evaluation Report 2016-2017. Wilfrid Laurier University.

Evans, S.D. & Kivell, N. (2016). Prosperity Miami White Paper. Catalyst Miami, Florida.

Evans, S.D., Haarlammert, M., Zirkman, A., Elia, M., & Kivell, N. (2015). The Parent Engagement Initiative: Final Evaluation Report. The Children’s Trust, Miami, Florida.

Kivell, N. (2017; 2016; 2015) Social Justice Table Year 1-3: Community Action Research Report. Catalyst Miami, Florida 

Wilson, C. L., & Wilson, J. (2015). Jamaican-Canadian Association Internal Assessment Part 1: Organizational Evaluation Report. Jamaican-Canadian Association.

Guta, A., Flicker, S., Travers, R., Switzer, S., Kuzmanovic, D., Maticka-Tyndale, E., O’Campo, P., Seifer, S.D., & Wilson, C. L. (2014). HIV CBR Ethics Fact Sheet #3: Managing Multiple Roles and Boundaries. Improving the Accessibility of Research Ethics Boards for HIV Community-Based Research in Canada. Toronto, ON

Literary and Artistic Works

Wilson, C. L., & Cobbler, M. (2016). Women in Health Working Towards Health Community Report.

Wilson, C. L., McKee, B., Monchalin, R., Keshane, M., Wilson, D., Blake, B., Nur, N., Yankoo, S., Callaghan, J., Bell, O., & Ndogo, E. (2014). All Directions – a collaborative mural about alliance building between Black and Indigenous youth for HIV prevention.

Wilson, C. L., Wilson, J., Virdee, S., et. al. (2011). The Let’s Talk About Sex Community Exhibit. Toronto.

Wilson, C. L., & Lee-Foon, N. (2011). The Sex and Youth Project. CIHR Institute of Gender and Health. Weblink:

Wilson, C. L., (2009). Dordabis Youth Photovoice Project and Community Report. Namibia Women’s Health Network. Namibia.

Wilson, C. L., & Tharani, A. (2009). University of Namibia Body Mapping Booklet. HIV/AIDS Unit, University of Namibia. Namibia.

Wilson, C. L., (2008). Let’s Talk. Empower: Youth, Arts and Activism an HIV/AIDS Arts Activism Manual for Youth by Youth. Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) and the Youth Action Network. Toronto. Pp. 10 - 11



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