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Research on cultures of sustainability is a transformative approach that is concerned not only with what we research but also how. It requires transdisciplinary and cross-sector research to address complex real world problems that require systems thinking, co-production and network-based solutions. Participatory and community engaged approaches enable the inclusion of a plurality of perspectives – including those who have traditionally been marginalized within academic research. Further, the inclusion of key stakeholders and knowledge users throughout the entire research cycle enables rapid and seamless knowledge mobilization and impact as well as high data quality.

All our current projects as well most of our past projects follow this research approach. We have active research programs related to cultures of sustainability and wellbeing within green buildings (e.g. evolv1 Canada’s first commercial net-positive energy multi-tenant office building), closing the equity-deficit within municipal climate action as well as other projects initiated and led by our members, fellows, and students.

For more information about our current projects and our partners, please see below.


| Student Projects

Kai Reimer-Watts
PhD Candidate, Community Psychology

Perceptions of climate justice and sustainability signposts in Waterloo region: A mixed methods qualitative study

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“The VERiS centre at Laurier is highly regarded in the scholarly and regional communities as a leading, credible source of high-quality research and action in sustainability. Their ‘culture of sustainability’ work at the evolv1 net-positive energy building, their fostering of the Flourishing Enterprise Institute, and their leadership on developing TEAMCA focused on municipalities are all projects that have advanced engagement in sustainability, and had a positive, real impact on people.”

Dr. Barry Colbert | Associate Professor Lazaridis School of Business & Director
The Co-operators Centre for Business & Sustainability.