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TISCA welcomes membership in the following ways: associate members, Laurier students, Laurier faculty fellows, and the community. Categories of membership and how to join are outlined below.

Become an Associate Member

Associate members of the Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa (TICSA):

  • Participate in the activities of the institute (including research projects) without necessarily guiding its path.
  • Are kept apprised of all matters relating to the institute. 
  • May attend council meetings but do not have voting privilages.

To apply, contact Akbar Saeed, TISCA director.

Undergraduate Students

TICSA welcomes participation in our activities by undergraduate students. To apply, submit a completed student membership application.


TISCA welcomes participation in our activities from graduate students, postdoctoral students, academics from other institutions and community members interested in promoting global awareness and excellence in knowledge development on African issues, with the aim of inspiring positive transformation.

To apply, contact Akbar Saeed, TISCA director.

Internal Fellows: Laurier Faculty

If your research or teaching relates to TISCA's mission of promoting global awareness and excellence in knowledge development on African issues with the aim of inspiring positve transformation, please join us!

Laurier fellows can apply for research funding to support field work for new research projects as well as participate in and guide TISCA's ongoing research and community engagement. 

Contact Akbar Saeed, TISCA director to join as a Laurier fellow.

Current Laurier Internal Fellows and Associate Members

TISCA fellows are Laurier researchers who have research programs aligned with TISCA's mission of promoting global awareness and excellence in knowledge development on African issues.

Robert Ame, Human Rights and Criminology

Robert Ame's current projects include assessment of Ghana's juvenile justice system, a follow-up study of liberated trokosi women in Ghana and a human rights assessment of Ghana's mental health law.

Kofi Barimah

Kofi Barimah was the foundation dean of the Faculty of Public Health and Allied Sciences at the Catholic University College of Ghana-Fiapre where he also served as its agricultural dean from 2007-2013. His research interests on Africa are focused on HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, and the use of complementary and alternative medicine to strengthen health systems and policy research in Ghana.

Joanne Benham Rennick, Global Studies

Joanne Benham Rennick's research examines intercultural engagement, cross-sectoral collaboration, internationalization and innovation that influences social policy. Her most recent projects focus on Central and South Africa.

Andrea Brown, Political Science

Andrea Brown is the associate director of TISCA. Her current research addresses urban food security and governance in East Africa with special attention on gender and slums.

Lamine Diallo, Leadership

Lamine Diallo is a founding member of the TISCA. His central focus is in Leadership and Governance in general with a particular interest in issues of democratization, leadership and governance in the African continent.

John Boye Ejobowah, Global Studies

John Boye Ejobowah's research focuses on the political claims of groups and the normative responses. He is particularly interested in claims to citizenship, autonomy claims, and federal institutions. His primary area of focus is Nigeria.

Abdelfettah Elkchirid, Social Work

Abdelfettah Elkchirid has been involved with research in North Africa on issues related to African temporary migrants to Europe (mainly Moroccan). This researcher focuses on female migrants, and looks at the impact of the intersection of gender, cultural background, and migration status. In addition, he has been providing professional training and consultations to the Moroccan Social Workers Association on working with migrants and their families. In 2018 he received an award of distinction by World Refugee Day of Waterloo Region.

Jeff Grischow, History

Jeff Grischow's research theme include African history (Ghana), and comparative development studies. His research currently focuses on the history and lived experience of disability rights in Ghana.

M. Raymond Izarali, Criminology

Raymond Izarali works in the area of international crime and justice. He has published on globalization as well as Canada’s foreign policy towards Africa. His current research focuses on the human and environmental harms of gas flaring in the Niger Delta, and crime and security in Africa.

Siendou Konate

Siendou Konate (Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Ivory Coast) research focuses on African/African-American studies, critical race theory, culture and cultural studies, translation, and translation studies.

Oliver Masakure, Business Technology Management

Oliver Masakure's research interests include development economics, health economics, and labour economics, with special emphasis on food security, food safety and food trade, innovation and technology, and employment practices in organizations.

Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy, Faculty of Social Work

Magnus Mfoafo-M'Carthy works on community based mental health, specifically mental health challenges faced by immigrants and visible minorities in the health care system. He is also involved with collaborative projects with the University of Ghana that include examining the media’s portrayal of mental illness in Ghana.

Marcia Oliver, Law and Society

Marcia Oliver's current research examines humanitarian and refugee management practices, specifically those oriented to refugee self-reliance, in two refugee camps in sub-Saharan Africa: Osire Refugee Camp in Namibia and Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

Akbar Saeed, Business Technology Management

Akbar Saeed is the director of TISCA. His research areas include organizational routines, healthcare service quality, and humanitarian technologies. Currently, he is investigating how technology alters the way we understand ourselves and influences the way we operate in Africa.

Edward Shizha, Society, Culture and Environment, and Youth and Children's Studies

Edward Shizha's research areas include educational and political development in Zimbabwe and Zambia, and the support needs and wellbeing of Zimbabwean and Sudanese refugees to Canada.

Contact Us:

Akbar Saeed, Director

T: 519.756.8228 x5764

Andrea Brown, Associate Director