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Research Proposals


The Manfred and Penny Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR) is interested in participating in music therapy related activities and will accept proposals for the following:

  • Consultations.
  • Qualitative data analysis and/or research supervision services for interdisciplinary research ideas.
  • Research project collaborations with the CIMTR.
  • Supervising graduate thesis/doctoral paper. Note: A formal request from a student’s university is required before we can review or give input to your paper.


Use of the CIMTR facilities is dependent on availability of resources and usage by existing projects. Available resources may include:

  • research supervision
  • music therapy consultation
  • data collection
  • qualitative data analysis
  • participation in research seminars
  • improvisation laboratory
  • physioacoustic chairs


  1. Contact Director Demian Kogutek and introduce yourself and your research topic.
  2. Provide the CIMTR management board with your research proposal/plan by emailing it to Director Demian Kogutek. Your research proposal must contain the following information:
    • Title.
    • Rationale: Introduction to your topic.
    • Bibliography.
    • Research design: Qualitative/quantitative, inductive/abductive/deductive, research methods.
    • Research objective(s).
    • Research question(s).
    • Research progress/research stages.
    • Value of project/applicability.
    • Authority of the researcher.
    • Time frame of the research.
    • Research funding requested (if any).
    • Proof of ethics review of research involving human participants.
    • Why do you want to do this research project in collaboration with the CIMTR?
    • What kind of specific help/support do you feel you would you need in order to finish your research project?
    • How would you like the CIMTR help/support you with your research project?
    • What role do you see the CIMTR playing in assisting you with your research project?
  3. The management board will review your research proposal. If the management board is supportive of your research, the roles of the CIMTR researchers in the project will be discussed and decided.
  4. The CIMTR directors will notify you of the outcome of the proposal.

Additional Requirements

Applicants are responsible for:

  • All aspects of ethics in their study.
  • Providing proof of research ethics board approval to the institute.
  • All financial aspects and timelines for their study.

Applicants must agree to:

  • Acknowledge the CIMTR and all researchers involved with their study in the covering page of the final research report, and in any scientific publications and conference presentations.
  • Provide three copies and an electronic, accessible version of the final research report to the CIMTR.

As a participating member of the CIMTR, you are welcome to participate in all research seminars hosted by the CIMTR.