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The Manfred and Penny Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Rearch (CIMTR) began its operations on Sept. 1, 2003. In April 2009, Wilfrid Laurier University proudly unveiled the newly named CIMTR, in recognition of the Conrads’ $1 million gift to Laurier's Faculty of Music. Their donation will be used to support the research and therapeutic work done through the CIMTR, and to create an annual scholarship for a Laurier graduate student enrolled in Music Therapy.

The centre:

  • Strengthens the relationship between clinical practice and research.
  • Brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of academic and clinical disciplines, including local, national and international allied professionals.
  • Fosters active, lively dialogue among music therapy researchers.
  • Provides a context for a wide variety of research and educational initiatives, involving undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, professionals and researchers in music therapy and allied disciplines.

At the CIMTR, we are interested in applying diverse approaches, some from within the discipline of music therapy and some from allied disciplines, and in forging important and innovative links between research findings. The field of music therapy needs both evidence- and practice-based research, which is why we like to involve both qualitative and quantitative research inquiries.