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Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems Statement on Systemic Racism and Anti-Black Violence

The Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and the UNESCO Chair on Food, Biodiversity, and Sustainability Studies stand in solidarity with the Black community and those who are protesting systemic racism in Canada and beyond. We are committed to leveraging our platform to make space for, and amplify, BIPOC voices.

We also stand by the following statement from the Canadian Commission for UNESCO:

“The Canadian Commission for UNESCO has been paying close attention to recent events targeting black communities in the United States and Canada. We wish to express our sincere condolences to the affected families and communities, as well as to express our strong condemnation of the manifestations of anti-black racism that sadly continue to permeate through our systems and civil structures. Creating inclusive spaces and societies for all of us begins with each one of us taking action in our own spaces – be they at our dinner tables, in our workplaces, or among friends. Fighting racism in any of its forms, including anti-black racism, requires all of us to mobilize individually and collectively in order to foster a place where we can all thrive. We are now past the mid-point of the International Decade for People of African Descent, and despite the progress that has been made, injustices like those that have recently taken place are a stark reminder of the work that must continue to advance the spirit of the decade. At the Commission, we will continue this important work by listening, engaging and supporting all of our communities through the work of our Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, and would encourage everyone to reflect on the role they can play in ensuring racism is eradicated from all of our institutions.”

Sustainable food systems are those that are just and equitable. To transform our food systems, we must address and dismantle existing systems that are founded on the oppression of black and other marginalized communities.

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