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Research Funding

Funded Projects


The CPA Ontario Centre for Capital Markets and Behavioural Decision Making is funded by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

The centre is proud to support innovative research designed to advance the accounting profession. We encourage students to pursue their research interest in capital markets and behavioural decision making. The centre facilitates access to Laurier accounting faculty and will provide funding to select research projects that aim to strengthen areas of specialization of the centre.


The centre will consider proposals for project funding on topics related to capital markets and behvioural decision making.

Capital Markets

  • Capital market implications of financial reporting issues (e.g., voluntary disclosure, regulation and accounting standards).
  • Usefulness of financial statements and non-financial information (e.g., for assessing debt contracts or firm value).
  • Capital market implications of corporate governance and auditor quality.
  • Impact of managerial decision making on corporations and capital markets (e.g., budgeting, investing, innovation and supply chain).
  • Stock market reactions to tax policy changes, tax avoidance and tax aggressiveness.

Behavioural Decision Making

  • Managers' judgment and decision making with accounting information.
  • Effects of management control systems.
  • Auditors' judgment and decision making.
  • Decision making and corporate governance.
  • Decision making and the institutional environment (e.g., its evolution over time).


  1. Contact Director Robert Mathieu and introduce yourself and your research topic.
  2. Provide the centre advisory board with your research proposal by emailing it to Director Robert Mathieu. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year and must contain the following information:
    • Title.
    • Research team.
    • Rationale: Introduction to your topic.
    • Alignment with topic areas of the centre.
    • Bibliography.
    • Research design: Qualitative/quantitative, inductive/abductive/deductive, research methods.
    • Research objective(s).
    • Research question(s).
    • Research progress/research stages.
    • Time frame of the research.
    • Proof of ethics review of research involving human participants.
    • Research funding requested from other sources (if any).
    • Total amount of funding requested.
    • Budget and justification.
    • Why do you want this project to be considered for research funding?
  3. The advisory board will review your research proposal.
  4. The centre director will notify you of the outcome of the proposal.

Note: Funded projects will be required to post their White Paper on the centre’s website.