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I Am Sudan Panel Event This Friday

As university students in Canada, hearing about the ways in which youths all around the world are persecuted for advocating for democracy and human rights prompts us to meaningfully recognize the privilege that comes with our position. In addition, it our duty and within our ability as global citizens to bring attention to the injustices that are occurring all over the world through whichever means we have access to. Our aim with this event is to increase the awareness of global issues in multiple ways that are accessible by our community. With the generous support of the Global Studies and Political Science departments as well as many other members of faculty at Laurier, I am Sudan is a week-long event that engages, involves, and aids our community.

The activities that will be taking place during the week include boothing in the concourse where participants will be able to take part in increasing their awareness of Sudan as well as democracy activism in its many forms, view a video about the protests, sign a banner showing their support for democracy activism, and purchase baked goods, the proceeds from which will be donated to War Child, an organization that works to better the conditions for people facing the outcomes of war all around the world, including Sudan.

The week will then conclude with a panel on Friday evening which will feature an academic, a policymaker, and a youth speaker from our community, speaking to experiences and knowledge of the current state of the country.

For Friday's Panel Event: November 15th, 7-9 pm

Oshish Ungras - War Child, GSSA and WUSC

Dr. Sliwinski - Project and involvement

Dr. Ahmed - Sudan Protests

Suha Osman - Personal Experiences


Unknown Spif - $key