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Many of those involved in CPAC's development and programming can attest to its effectiveness:

"The pilot activity project for the Franklin Public School Breakfast Club this fall is a great success. Our attendance increased on Thursdays and the interactions with the children contributed to the development of the 'whole' child. The local Nutrition for Learning featured the program on social media."

– Cathy Dowsling, head Nutrition for Learning volunteer at Franklin Public School and retired principal

"It was amazing to see how much fun the kids could have when you simply gave them a ball and an open gym to play in, it was evident they don't often get these kind of opportunities. Over the eight-week program, I feel that many kids became more comfortable with us leaders not only as a leader but as a support person to talk about their own lives. A specific memory that sticks out in my mind is how excited and competitive these kids were when exposed to organized games and competitions. They were always yelling and screaming and cheering on their teammates with hopes of winning the game or race."

– Isaiah Whetstone, Laurier student and CPAC volunteer

Thank-you Sun Life Financial Centre for Physical Active Communities (CPAC) for providing our youth the opportunity to explore the benefits of physical activity through your after school program! Many of our Queen Elizabeth students have not participated in extra-curricular activities outside of school due to financial and transportation constraints. This experience had our youth eagerly anticipating Monday evenings for game nights! The impact was apparent as our students spoke highly of the activities and the coaches! Way to leave a lasting impression! Your support provides all youth regardless of gender, race, religion and economic status with equal opportunities to reap the benefits of building healthy minds, bodies to live healthy, active lives! Thanks!

– Kat Katsambrokos, Waterloo Region Child and Youth Worker, Queen Elizabeth Public School and Winston Churchill Public School

Quotes from students sent from principal of N A MacEachern Public School:

  • "It was really fun to go after school and play with friends. I love being active and this provided me with a great opportunity to do that."
  • "I really liked a lot of the games, they were super fun! It did not seem like we were doing fitness but we were."
  • "The games allowed everyone to participate all the time. They offered a break but no one took it, too much fun."
  • "It was fitness but not like you know you were doing fitness. It was fun!"
  • "The last day was the best part, especially the Mini-Olympics."
  • "I would love to have it back here again. It was so fun and it really made our night. It gave me something to look forward to."

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