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For Parents / Guardians

A completed participant permission form must be completed for each child before the first scheduled session in order for the child to participate. Children without a signed permission form will not be allowed to participate.

What to Wear/Bring

Each child will receive a take home information packet outlining what to wear and what to bring to the sessions before programming begins. All program coordination and equipment for programs is provided by CPAC. Participants only need to wear comfortable, athletic clothing, indoor running shoes and bring a reusable water bottle!

Code of Conduct

As a participant in a CPAC program, you are required to respect the rules and regulations established by CPAC. Please understand that participation in CPAC's programming is contingent on respecting the rules and regulations as outlined below.

  • Participants must follow CPAC's Golden Rules:
    1. No body contact at any time.
    2. No use of poor language.
    3. You must participate in each activity for at least five minutes.
    4. Be respectful of others.
  • Participants must be respectful and listen to directions given by Laurier's staff and volunteers.
  • Participants must treat the facilities, materials and equipment with care, making sure to use any equipment and supplies properly, communicating with CPAC staff when equipment is not working properly and returning equipment and supplies to their proper place after use.
  • Participants will not steal anything from CPAC, another student, staff member, volunteer or any school property.
  • Participants will not bully or harass any student for any reason.
  • Participants will not engage in any conduct that would be deemed to be negative compared to normally acceptable behaviour.
  • Participants will not take part in any actions that are detrimental to themselves, others or CPAC staff.

We want to have fun and for everyone to have a great time participating in our programs, therefore, we have a strict no tolerance policy on breaking any part of our Code of Conduct.

If a participant breaks the code of conduct, a CPAC staff member will point out the infraction. If the behaviour does not immediately and permanently change, the participant will be removed from the program.

Contact Us:

Nicole Vandermade, Program Coordinator

T: 519.884.0710 x3209