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Inclement Weather Policy

The key to minimizing the impact of program cancellations on participants and their family is by getting information out as early as possible. In the case of inclement weather or emergencies, we do not want participants and their family making an unnecessary trip in any hazardous road conditions. We have established a weather protocol to make sure all parents/guardians know if our program has been cancelled for the day.

In case of snow, other inclement weather, or emergency prohibiting use of a gym, CPAC will make a decision regarding program cancellation by 2 p.m. or earlier on the day of programming. In the case of before school programs, we will make a decision regarding program cancellation by 6 a.m. If your child's school is closed for the day, our programs will not run that day or that night.

CPAC staff will make contact with your child's school at that time and a school official will let participating students know the decision. Closure information can also be found on our Twitter page (@SunlifeCPAC) or Facebook page (@SunLifeFinancialCPAC).

Contact Us:

Nicole Vandermade, Program Coordinator

T: 519.884.0710 x3209