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Dr. Jack Newman, internationally distinguished breastfeeding expert hosted at Laurier

On October 7, 2016 we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jack Newman, renowned breastfeeding expert, at Wilfrid Laurier University main campus in the Senate and Board Chambers. 100 health care practitioners and breastfeeding specialists, including lactation consultants, nurses, midwives, and doulas, came out for a full day presentation by Newman. These practitioners were awarded 4 L-CERPs (Continuing Education Recognition Point specific to lactation education) for participating in the day’s lecture. Dr. Newman began his first session on common misconceptions around proper breastfeeding techniques and what they didn’t teach practitioners when being trained in infant feeding. He broke down the reasons why breastfeeding can be used for the majority of illnesses and complications where it is usually taught to use supplementation or formula as well as when supplementation is required and when it is not. After a short break, Newman dove into the reasons behind poor weight gain while referring to several case studies where he has worked with mothers and their babies. He provided many helpful tips to aid a baby with poor weight gain in breastfeeding properly. The afternoon session commenced with Newman engaging the audience around the proper procedures to establish a good latch and some of the causes of delayed infant feeding, providing case studies to support his conclusions. The fourth and final session of the day was about controversies around breastfeeding. Here, Newman discussed supplementing with formula and when it is okay to do so in the first few days and when it is not necessary. He also discussed hypoglycemia and the correct procedures in feeding a baby with this deficiency. Newman concluded the day by taking questions from the audience surrounding his work and expertise of breastfeeding. After the event, we received feedback from the participants who were very pleased with the event that they wanted to see more events like this hosted by Manulife Centre. Through hosting Dr. Jack Newman at Wilfrid Laurier campus, the Manulife Centre for Community Health Research continues to show their dedicated efforts in promoting community based approaches to breastfeeding.
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