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Social Justice Leadership Camp

The Social Justice Leadership Camp is an idea that Professor Lafrenière entertained for several years given her work with local women’s groups on issues relative to violence against women. According to Lafrenière, addressing gendered violence should be an issue that is discussed in both primary and secondary school systems. Inspired by youth programs offered in local schools by Halton Women’s Place and Family Transition Place, Lafrenière believed that Laurier could be pro-active in offering a summer camp for young people etched within a framework of social justice.

Enter Laurier MSW graduate and past research associate within the team, Jen Gordon, now Director of Advocacy at the YW Kitchener-Waterloo. Through her leadership and extensive experience spearheading various programs dedicated to girls and youth in the Region of Waterloo, she as well as members of her staff designed and delivered the curriculum for the youth camp.

The Social Justice Leadership Camp was a small but important step in Laurier’s commitment to addressing gendered violence on campus. The Social Justice Leadership Camp took place in the summer of 2017. The camp focused on issues of citizenship, change making, community building, social justice, gendered violence and advocacy. During the camp, eight students between 12 and 14 years old were encouraged to think about issues relative to privilege, sexism and healthy relationships while exploring topics of bullying and other forms of violence.

A drama therapist facilitated several of the activities which allowed for students to explore issues related to privilege, racism, gendered violence and other forms of oppression. As evidenced by student evaluations, the experience of the summer camp was very positive as it allowed students to be heard and be creative.

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