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Members and Partners

The Laurier Institute for Water Science (LIWS) draws upon existing expertise within and outside Laurier to build collaborations and partnerships that focus on interdisciplinary approaches and novel research synergies.  

Collaborations involve researchers in biological, chemical, and physical sciences. These collaborations encompass the scientific, social, legal, economic and organizational dimensions of the natural environment focused on the common theme of water, ecosystem and human health.  Partnerships include faculty from across Laurier and across other universities as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions.


Hydrological Sciences Research Group

Michael English
Geography and Environmental Studies

William (Bill) Quinton
Geography and Environmental Studies

Philip Marsh
Geography and Environmental Studies

Brent Wolfe
Geography and Environmental Studies

Homa Kheyrollah Pour
Geography and Environmental Studies

Ecological and Biogeochemical Sciences Research Group

Hind Al-Abadleh
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jennifer Baltzer

Gena Braun 
Research Instrumentation Technician

Joseph Culp

Mihai Costea

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr
Health Sciences and Biology

Derek Gray

Erin Leonard

Andrea Lister
Research Coordinator (Endocrinology and Ecotoxicology)

James McGeer

Deborah MacLatchy

Gabriel Moreno Hagelsieb

Robin Slawson 

Kevin Stevens

Scott Smith
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael P. Wilkie  

Jonathan Mark Wilson

Public Policy and Management Research Group

Debora VanNijnatten
Political Science and North American Studies

Mary-Louise Byrne
Geography and Environmental Studies

Alex Latta
Global Studies

Frank Millerd
Professor Emeritus of Economics

Scott Slocombe
Geography and Environmental Studies


Canadian Rivers Institute
In March 2011 Laurier joined the Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) as a Network Member.  Since its inception in 2000, the CRI has built linkages to a network of over 50 research leaders across Canada and internationally (the Associates) and more than 100 graduate students. The principaldirections of CRI are governed by 16 Science Directors.  Deborah MacLatchy serves as the Science Director from Laurier and Chair of the Directors group. Current CRI Associate members from Laurier include Deborah MacLatchy, Jim McGeer, Kelly Munkittrick, Scott Smith, Kevin Stevens and Michael Wilkie.

Cold Regions Research Centre
The Cold Regions Research Centre was established in 1988, and is focused on cold regions (mountain and northern) research consulting on topics such as hydrology, climatology, glaciology, resource management, parks planning and biogeochemistry. Many LIWS faculty researchers are also members of the Cold Regions Research Centre.

GNWT-Laurier Partnership
Wilfrid Laurier University and the Government of the Northwest Territories signed a 10-year (2010-2020) Partnership Agreement in May 2010, to expand the Territories’ capacity to conduct environmental research and monitoring, and to train the new expertise needed to manage its natural resources for future generations. Many LIWS faculty researchers work within this partnership.

Partner Organizations

Canadian Water Network
Environment Canada
Geological Survey of Canada
Grand River Conservation Authority
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Metals in the Human Environment Strategic Network
National Water Research Institute
Natural Resources Canada
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Northwest Territorial governments
Water Survey Canada

University Partners

Cold Regions Research Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University
University of Waterloo
McMaster University
University of New Brunswick
University of Guelph
Laurentian University
Ryerson University
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Trent University
Queens University
Kings College London
Waterloo Centre for Atmospheric Science
Water Initiative, University of Waterloo