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CRSP houses a community of engaged researchers who work to examine and understand the co-existence of security with insecurity and their interconnected nature. CRSP research focuses on the intersections of the practices and experiences of security on technologiespopulationsspaces, and brokers to enhance scholarly research, policy debates, and public understandings. The research produced within CRSP recognizes that asking questions regarding the effectiveness and impact of security practices requires an understanding of peoples’ perceptions and experiences of them. 

Research conducted within CRSP uses rigorous methods that are sensitive to participants’ social location and circumstances in the pursuit of understanding the practice and experience of security. CRSP researchers pilot and evaluate cutting-edge, innovative methodologies (e.g., neighborhood walks, social GIS, and brokered dialogue) that draw from a range of data sources to provide robust analyses of security practices.

CRSP members are dedicated to contributing to scholarly knowledge and debate, while also informing policy, practice, and social change. CRSP emphasizes generating collaboratively-derived, evidence-informed applied knowledge that can be placed into the hands of policymakers, practitioners, and other change makers to address today’s most pressing challenges.