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Diccionario de la memoria colectiva book cover

First dictionary of collective memory launched featuring CMTS authors

The Spanish language launch of the Diccionario de la memoria colectiva (Dictionary of Collective Memory) published by Gedisa (Barcelona, Buenos Aires) was recently held at the Chilean Museum of Human Rights. CMTS members were involved in the conception of the book on the coordinating committee, as well as authors of specific entries.

This unique dictionary, the first of its kind, is the result of more than four years of collaborative work. It has been reviewed and acclaimed by the Spanish press as well as by specialized journals and reviews. The aim of the dictionary is to document, define and analyze concepts used in the management of the public memory of political and social traumas experienced in Europe and in America throughout the 20th century and up to the present day. The volume includes 272 articles and 43 images.

Sponsored by the University of Barcelona through a generous research grant funded by the Ministry of Culture and Universities in Spain, it was developed by a Scientific Committee of 19 international scholars, including CMTS Director and Languages and Literatures professor Marta Marin-Domine, coordinating the work of 187 specialists who have produced 264 entries concerning all fields related to Memory representation (history, art, film, literature, photography, museums, etc.)

The Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies has actively collaborated on the project through the work of members: Colman Hogan (Ryerson) and Kim Anderson (University of Guelph). They worked on the entries devoted to Indigenous memories, and Memory in Canada. Marta Marin-Domine was part of the Scientific Committee.

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