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Viessmann European Research Centre

The Viessmann European Research Centre is devoted to fostering and disseminating research about Europe. Academics and scholars affiliated with the centre share an interest in the broad lessons learned from the movement towards a more highly integrated and unified Europe, economically and politically.

Europe is, in many respects, a laboratory for the study of cooperation and integration among diverse states with lessons, both good and bad, from the creation of a supra-national system of governance. Yet, Europe remains diverse and member states of the European Union retain a considerable amount of sovereignty that is reflected in policies governing all areas of life in Europe. Scholars and practitioners from around the world can draw inspiration, and possible areas for concern, over developments in Europe during the last few decades.

Our research into innovative governance, community sustainability, food systems, climate change and economic policy seeks to generate new knowledge and a deeper understanding of Europe and European integration. The centre welcomes anyone who shares in these interests.

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