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evolv1, Now Home to its Own Exhibit

A Photovoice Study: Investigating human factors in the evolv1 green office building

The Cora Group, evolv1 developer and owner,  would like to express gratitude to the amazing team: Esther Abel, Kai Reimer-Watts, and Dr. Simon Coulombe for coordinating and leading the evolv1 Photovoice study. Of course we would also like to thank all the participants who offered their time to this valuable research project as well as the VERiS Research Centre and Sustainable Waterloo Region for their ongoing support in growing a culture of sustainability at evolv1.

The Photovoice research method combines the strengths of both visual and oral communication, by empowering participants to take photos of their immediate environment and using these photos as prompts for discussion around topics of shared interest. Photovoice projects have now been applied in many places around the world, raising up community voices to share how they feel about a given situation or environment, along with opportunities for action. This current study focuses on two overarching topics: sustainability and wellbeing, and evolv1’s influence on participants’ experiences of both.

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