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evolv1 building exterior

An evolv1 experiment

Do you notice anything interesting about this graph?

 graph of humidity in evolv1

What this graph, generated by the evolv1 research team, is telling us is that most of the time the first floor of evolv1 is significantly more humid than the other two floors.

So what?

Adjusting humidity levels makes up most of the energy consumption in HVAC systems, the biggest energy user in a building. The research team suspects that the higher humidity levels on the first floor are due to more exposure to outside weather conditions, especially when both doors of the entrance are open at the same time.

The research team dug into the data a little more and found some confirmation for their hypothesis. Specifically:

  • There is strong relationship between humidity levels on the first floor and outside weather conditions (a correlation of r=0.41, which is almost midway between no relationship, r=0, and a perfect relationship, r=1)
  • The third floor, in comparison, has almost no relationship to the outside conditions (r=05).

The team then collected data on South-facing door usage and found:

  • The average time both doors are open at the same time is 04 seconds
  • This increases to 41 seconds when the accessibility button is used

Now the team needs your help to put it to the test!

The research team is recruiting all evolv1 tenants to help them test whether door usage is the culprit for these humidity levels!

All we ask is that you:

  • Simply close one door before you open the next one whenever you enter or exit evolv1
  • Avoid unnecessary use of the accessibility button

The research team will then send an update in a few weeks.

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