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Message from the Director

Our purpose at the MCCHR is to foster the idea of university community collaboration as one, which is etched in a collaborative and community development framework. As the director of the MCCHR I am proud to highlight partnerships which we have been nurturing with stakeholders in the Region of Waterloo and beyond since 2014.

Our team believes that it is imperative that public intellectuals play a role in weaving partnerships between and among academics and community stakeholders in ways which are authentic. We believe that nurturing relationships amongst ourselves and with our community partners leads to authentic and mutually beneficial research projects and/or initiatives, which are relevant to academic and community audiences.

In the past few months, we have worked with women’s organizations, health professionals and members of the trans community. We have collaborated across academic boundaries and encouraged dialogue on a number of international issues.

The MCCHR is a research and training incubator for students, faculty, community partners and working professionals interested in community-based research. Together we honor our commitment to working on behalf of various populations in ways that ultimately are transparent and transformative.

- Ginette Lafrenière
Director, Manulife Centre for Community Health Research

Contact Us:

Ginette Lafrenière, MCCHR Director

T: 519.884.0710 x5237
Office Location: FSW 310