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Dr. Paulina Chin | Maplesoft

Using Maple for Teaching, Learning, Maplesoft

Title: Using Maple for Teaching, Learning, Maplesoft

Speaker:  Dr. Paulina Chin | Maplesoft

Date: February, 01
Time: pm
Room: LH3058 (Lazaridis Hall (Math Boardroom), Room 3058) & Hybrid

Abstract: The Maplesoft Mathematics Suite is a family of math software products
that help you overcome many of the challenges of teaching math, or
subjects that involve math, like engineering, physics, finance, or
economics. In this seminar. Maple as a tool for Educators - Help students
focus on concepts without getting lost in the mechanics of the
calculations and provide them with illuminating visualizations that
promote understanding. Maple as a Research tool - Gain a trusted
software to help you understand and solve difficult mathematical
problems from virtually any branch of mathematics. What’s New in the
latest version of Maple - Hear about improvements that’ll be of interest
no matter what kind of math you do. Introduction to Maple Learn –
Discover an interactive online environment for exploring mathematical
concepts, solving problems, and creating and sharing rich, interactive

Bio: Dr. Paulina Chin, Senior Architect at
Maplesoft, and former Assistant Professor
in the Department of Physics and Computing
at Laurier. Paulina is an extremely
experienced key contributor to the
development, maintenance and support
of Maple, Maplesoft’s flagship software
product for mathematical computation
and visualization.



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