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MS2Discovery Seminar: Hidden Networks: from Trump to Harry Potter to Bitcoin


Anthony Bonato | Ryerson University

Anthony Bonato is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Ryerson University. His research interest is in graph theory, with applications to real-world complex networks and graph searching games such as Cops and Robbers. In addition, Anthony is an adjunct professor at Dalhousie University, and the founding member of the research group Graphs at Ryerson (G@R).


Hidden Networks: from Trump to Harry Potter to Bitcoin

Networks, or graphs as they are also called, are mathematical objects that quantify how systems interact. From protein networks in living cells, to bitcoin transactions, to keywords in Donald Trump’s tweets, networks reside in every aspect of our lives and nature.

Although networks are everywhere, many are invisible. Mathematicians and data scientists are only beginning to reveal these hidden networks and unlock their secrets. We give a guided tour of the modern field of network science, with insights along the way into what makes networks tick.


Oct 3, 2019


7 p.m.


Kitchener Public Library,
Theatre Room,
85 Queen St. N, Kitchener

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