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M. Rahman

Mohammad Rahman Received MS2Discovery award

Mohammad Aminur Rahman is a student member of the MS2Discovery Interdisciplinary Research Institute. His research includes environmental chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and photochemistry of transition metal complexes. He advances research within one priority research theme at the Institute: Ecology, Climate and Environmental Sciences (Tecton 5).

Rahman was the recipient of the a MS2Discovery Graduate Student Award to support his research involving iron. The goal of his research is to investigate the effects of organic matter in soil and water, to study the effectiveness of Fe-containing metal-organic frameworks in catalytic reactions with nitrogen oxides, and to explore the role of iron oxide in secondary formation. To date, Rahman has analyzed absorption thermodynamics and spectroscopic data of surface complexes. Some
experiments have been published. Currently, he is using Quartz Crystal Microbalance to investigate the water uptake behavior of model organics containing iron. The results are yet to be concluded.

Rahman is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Wilfrid Laurier University
under the supervision of Professor Hind A. Al-Abadleh. He has completed his BSc (Hons) from Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh and MSc in Chemistry from Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN), Canada. Rahman worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at JU and is currently on study leave. Rahman’s research interests center on the interfacial chemistry of
atmospherically relevant materials containing transition metals and organic matters as they have many
environmental, biological and medical applications.

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