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Linda Duvall

Linda Duvall

  • Artist: Linda Duvall
  • Title: What They Saw on the Way to the Synagogue on the 26th 0f April 1944, 4" x 6", series of 6, 2012
  • Materials: Standard commercially developed snapshots, sandpaper

My work exists at the intersection of collaboration, performance, conversation and social conscience. I pay attention to the small details or hidden narratives within communities. My work often mimics the fieldwork of sociologists as I collect oral histories and record ordinary conversations in order to discern meanings hidden in mundane and familiar language.

I developed the project What They Saw on the Way to the Synagogue on the 26th 0f April 1944 as a result of paying attention to what was acknowledged and honoured within a public context, and what seemed to have no voice. What They Saw represents a twist on my usual strategies in that I reveal a painful but urgent story in the act of paying attention to the absence of narrative. While the older citizens of Lendava were very eager to provide detailed histories of the trees in the vicinity of the synagogue, only one person admitted to being present on the day that all their Jewish neighbours walked to their deaths. This one man talked about watching with his mother as the procession of people headed to the synagogue, and reminisced that as a child his best friend was gone when he returned to school the next day. This brief story provided both verification of the event, and emphasized the pervasive silence from the rest of the community. The title refers both to the Jewish families and the witnesses to their disappearance from the town.


Linda Duvall is a visual artist who presents within galleries, on the web, and within a variety of public contexts. She has completed degrees in Sociology and English (Carleton University) and Visual Arts (OCADU and University of Michigan), and is a Professional Affiliate at University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.  She has had recent exhibitions in Shanghai, Toronto, Montreal, Lendava (Slovenia), Guatemala City, Regina, London and Barcelona.

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