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Julia Campisi

Campisi: Weaving the Past

  • Artist: Julia Campisi
  • Title: Weaving the Past, 4" x 6", 2015
  • Materials: paper collage

Over the past year my preoccupation with the medium of collage has become part of my overall creative practice. I am fascinated with the idea of taking found images and bringing them together to generate new meaning.

For Weaving the Past with the Present – The Norway Massacre, I wanted to create something that paid homage to the massacre while also recognizing the importance of the counter-monument. The counter-monument, in this instance, becomes more powerful than any plague, allegorical or realist sculptural representation could ever be. No longer is the visitor experiencing a passive reception of historical information but rather is participating in the active memory of a past experience. The hand-woven imagery brings together the horrific past while recognizing our perseverance to move forward and acknowledge those who have passed.


Julia Campisi is a photo-based artist interested in expanding the field of photographic inquiry. As a recent graduate from Ryerson University she has developed alternative processes that deal with the omnipresence of the Internet while maintaining a close attachment to the mediums material history. Her practice takes on many forms however is always rooted in the relationship between the photograph and the viewer.

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